Five Reasons Why Sport Is Taking Control Of Real Time

Sports teams have been plugging into Twitter since the little blue bird first landed.  It’s become a hugely important live channel, allowing the latest events to be shared with the widest possible following.  That’s good news for teams and great news for fans, who no longer have to pay through the nose for those long-forgotten premium SMS alerts.

But an increasing number of sports teams are taking greater control of the live window through their owned digital channels, investing in high-end live match centres that delivering the best possible live experience to fans.  Here’s a few reasons why.

  1. Content experience.  The richness of live sport can’t be fully captured within 140 characters.  It’s becoming a multi-stream, fully-integrated experience
  2. Improved tools.  Editorial teams can access cost-effective tools that allow them to create great live content that can be seamlessly integrated into their owned channels.
  3. Monetisation.  There’s a limit to what sports organisations can do in terms of turning Twitter followers into free flowing revenue.  Bringing content into their owned channels brings new possibilities for sponsors and advertisers when it comes to fan engagement.
  4. Ownership of the fan.  Sports organisations want as many straight lines as possible between their owned-media and their fans.  Once they’re in place they can finally begin to pull together that illusive single customer view.
  5. Leveraging social channels.  Sports teams are getting good at harnessing the reach of Twitter and other social channels to the benefit of their owned channels.

Twitter is still a hugely important part of the digital sports content mix for progressive sports teams.  There’s a real challenge, however, centred on continuing to tap into that broad reach while acquiring valuable users to a deeper more engaging content offering back home.

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